Did you find our site from a link from another web site?  If so then you can rest assured that their site is protected by Copyright Cop and that if you copy any of their content you will be caught.

Is your web site content being stolen and plagiarized?

Protect the copyrighted content on your web site with Copyright Cop

We will find copies of your content on the web so that you can pursue copyright infringers who are stealing your business and possibly harming your reputation.

Thieves who steal your content assume that they will never be caught. Copyright Cop detects illegal copying and provides you with reports and tools that will allow you to shut these sites down and to take legal action against the violators.

Save time and money by using Copyright Cop to locate copyright violators before hiring a copyright attorney.

Gather evidence to use for a copyright lawsuit.

How Does Copyright Cop work?

Our sophisticated robot software scours over eight billion pages on the Internet searching for content from web sites that are using your copyrighted content. We then provide reports to you on potential violators so that you can can take further action against copyright infringers.

How Much Does Copyright Cop cost?

Costs depends on the size of your site.  Contact us for a quote.



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